Michigan Club Challenge

Box Bar - Plymouth, Michigan - July 27, 2002

The Michigan Club Challenge is an annual event with teams of the top five players from the Grand Rapids, Flint, Plymouth and Troy clubs. This was the first year Grand Rapids joined the challenge sending the team of Michael Darooge, John Drexel, Michael Kloian, Rudy Silich and David Emerson.

The contest was very close all afternoon with the final standings not decided until the last round. Plymouth came in first (the second year in a row), followed by Flint, with Grand Rapids and Troy tied for third place. Special congratulations to Michael Darooge who trounced the number one players from the other clubs with an impressive 5-1 record on the top board.

Fred Hoewe (who took the photos) and Susan Lindauer played in the side tournament and provided moral support for the Grand Rapids team.

Don't ask how your club director did...

Mike Darooge vs.Dean Adamian

 David Emerson vs. Frank Talbot

Sue Lindauer vs. Pete Lewandowski

Carol Falk vs. Rudy Silich

Ron Broukart vs. John Drexel

 Mike Darooge vs. Dan Kiurski

 Sue Lindauer vs. Nancy Takala

Carol Joy Cole vs. Rudy Silich

 Mike Kloian vs. Ralph Dietz

Thanks to Fred Hoewe for the photos!

Special thanks to Dean Adamain and
Carol Joy Cole for organizing and directing
this special event!


©2001 Grand Rapids Backgammon Club